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Bacon makes everything better: Even Vincent van Gogh.

I never thought I'd ever say anything like this again, but I've gotta give mad props to Senator John McCain for stepping up to tell the truth about the role of torture in the apprehension of bin Laden. McCain has straight up told the Bush apologists to cease and desist all bullshit. Maybe he's regaining his senses.

Commentary from d r i f t g l a s s:
Any path towards saving this wounded old country from extinction must begin with a frank and unsparing discussion about the causes of and solutions to the horrifying reality that one half of our political system -- the Right half -- has gone full bull goose loony bugfuck nuts and they ain't ever coming back.
Don't believe it? Then check out this hilarious clip of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show taking on the ridiculous furor that eruptted when actor/rapper Common was invited to the White House for a poetry reading. These people are fucking nuts. And even worse; they're damn dirty hypocrites.

Jay Smooth calls the media out for fanning the flames of Donald Trump's psuedo-ascendency, asking them not to do it again but ultimately recognizing that there's not the slightest chance of the media showing restraint or judgment any time soon.

"One in four women would prefer to be severely depressed rather than overweight, and nearly one in six would prefer to lose their sight rather than face the same fate." Pretty disturbing, no? Fortunately, the Angry Black Bitch has some pertinent advice on how to turn negativity to one's advantage.

The Utopia Forever project explores a variety of conceptualizations of the perfect urban space--even if only within the confines of the mind.
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The blackboard in this classroom has the question What is Bacon Arguing For? written on it. I realize that whoever wrote it is talking about Francis Bacon, but it's still indefinably hilarious.

I wish my name was Bacon.

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