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It's that time of the year again.

Blog for Choice Day

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in this country. Since that decision, abortion rights have been under constant threat of revoke and pro-choice activists have been vigilant in the maintenance of a strong front against such attacks. To write a lucid history of the ups and downs since Roe v. Wade would take more time than I have to give at the moment, and so I will post some links at the end of this.

For the 35th anniversary, pro-choice organizations have asked bloggers to answer the question: Why do you vote pro-choice?

My reasons for doing so are perhaps more simple, more narrow, more about me than most civil-minded activists, but I will give them honestly. I vote pro-choice because I believe that no one but a woman has the right to make a decision about whether or not a woman should give birth. I believe that most people who oppose abortion secretly oppose it on the grounds that it gives women too much freedom--freedom to act like men; to fuck who they want, when they want, where they want, and have no consequences. The attempt to control a woman's right to choose is about more than "life," more than "conception," more than "god." It's also about "misogyny," also about "patriarchy," also about "no bitch is gonna tell me."

And I will fight those viewpoints, and their various tools and means of expression, till my last breath. The first stage in the fight is voting, and so I vote pro-choice. I pray I always will.

35 Years After Roe ( A general summary of what has happened since the supreme court decision; unbiased for the most part.
Love with the Proper Stranger (Online with Zoe) A really excellent commentary about the issue of where life begins, particularly in reference to the new film Juno (which I have admittedly refused to see on grounds of general principle).
Blog for Choice Archives (Bush v. Choice) Everything you need to find pro-choice commentary on the web. I apologize for not according the same link fairness to pro-lifers, but I'm not going to help them out. If you want to read pro-life viewpoints, do a google-search.
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On this, the 34th anniversary of the historic decision of Roe v. Wade, my dear friend [ profile] lillith_knox made me aware of the online blogging event taking place in it's commemoration:

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

Pro-choice bloggers were asked why they are pro-choice, and being an opinionated, pro-choice blogger I thought I'd take a stab at it.

There's a lot of yammering that goes on surrounding the topic of abortion. Does life begin at conception or birth, for one. Does the desire to prevent a woman's right to choose stem mainly from a misogynistic impetus to oppress women by restricting their sexual control, for another.

For my part these questions have no simple answer, and I will not attempt to fob them off with one in this blog. For me, what is important in the decision to abort and the reason it must be protected is the question of what is best for the players involved. What is best for the mother and in some cases the father? What is best for the unborn child? I've seen friends who chose to keep their unexpected pregnancies, and I've seen the hell such an ill-advised decision has made their life. I've seen friends who chose keep their unexpected pregnancies, and I've seen the experience be the making of them. I've seen friends who chose to terminate their unexpected pregnancies, and I've admired them for taking such a difficult but, I believe, ultimately wise decision.

Unwanted children often live lives of squalid misery. They're beaten, ridiculed, and forgotten. They grow up to exist on the fringes, to fight and scrounge to survive. They, few of them, have truly fulfilling lives. Is that better than abortion? Is that better than waiting a cycle or two and being born into a life where your parents may still screw the pooch - it's true - but are eagerly awaiting you? I think not. I've never been unlucky enough to wind up with an unexpected pregnancy, but if I did I can tell y'all right now that I'd make an appointment at the clinic. I love my future children far too much to subject them to me at this stage in my life.

And I don't know about you pious motherfuckers out there, but MY god is actually an omnipotent and loving god - unlike some of the callous, miserly bastards out there who vie for worship these days. MY god is perfectly capable of handling the souls of those children, should they actually have the unlikely misfortune of being forced to enter their fetal bodies at conception (what kind of fucked up god does something like that, by the way?); keeping them in grace and mercy until their time comes.

For that reason, abortion rights must be protected at all costs. With the lives of so many hanging in the balance, and I don't mean simply their physical lives but also their spiritual and intellectual lives as well, we cannot afford not to do our utmost to keep abortion legal.

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