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If you're worked up about language study, dissertation prep, ect., go to a party and show a bunch of unsuspecting folks Versus.

And drink a bunch of beer. ;>

Seriously, we all owe Kitamura Ryuhei a huge debt of thanks. He gifted to the world one of the most ridiculous and wonderful films of the 20th/21st centuries. A fact that is no more clear than when said film (Versus) is viewed after an episode of MST3K.

If you can't tell, I had a great time hanging with the IUC peeps tonight. They seem to like me in spite of the fact that I dig Star Trek, loved The Last Starfighter, and can quote almost any low-budget 80s movie verbatim.

Oh, and in other news, a supply of gummi cherries arrived today.

Life is good.
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My good friend, B., whose google-fu is not to be trifled with, was able to search out a Japanese company that imports and sells gummi cherries on their website. They also have a number of shops in Japan - one of which just happens to be in Minato Mirai where the Center is. In fact, the shop is located at At 1st! in Queen's Square, the department store complex I walk through everyday on my way to school. Clearly, God wants me to have gummi cherries. Heh.

I'm going to stop in there on Monday and see what the situation is - whether this outlet actually carries the cherries, how much they cost (online it's about $12 for a little over half-a-pound, which is kind of expensive when you consider that you can get five pounds in the US for $15, but they may have walk-in discounts or something), and so on.

At any rate, unless it's vastly cheaper to buy them overseas and import than it is to buy them here, there's no reason for anyone to scramble around trying to get them for me. Of course, if they do find their way into care packages, I'd still be appreciative, but there's no longer any urgency at this point. (If there ever was. ;>)

Thanks again, B.

Yeah, I'm talking about you, son.
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  • Enough with all the essays/speeches already.  I realize how important it is to implement grammar and vocabulary in such a substantial assignment, but there needs to be some moderation here.  If I'm writing an essay/speech for my morning class, I really don't think it's the best use of my time to write one for my afternoon class, too.  Effective as the essay/speech assignment is, it's something of a waste of time to do the same exercise twice every single day.  (Particularly since the afternoon class essay/speech hardly ever generates any constructive feedback.)
  • I am now officially out of gummi cherries.  This information is provided in case anyone was thinking of sending me a care package at some point in the future.  ;>  I've come to the conclusion that gummi cherries are the thing I miss most about America (food-wise).
  • I busted out my first "ur mom" joke on an unsuspecting schoolmate last night.  Admittedly, it was a little like shooting fish in a barrel (which the Mythbusters proved is a bogus analogy - uber-nerd reference for the WIN!); the guy in question had had a fair bit to drink.  A friend of mine from class declared that I had just gone up about 500 points in his estimation.  So that's good.  Heh.
  • A while back I scored some free hangers, and I offered my next door neighbor (also a Center student) some of them - claiming that, though I was a clothes-whore, there was no way that even I could use this many hangers.  I'd now like to retract that statement and offer belated thanks to my next door neighbor for not taking me up on my offer.
  • Oh, and apparently all hell is breaking loose in New City right now.  Yay.

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