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1) A middle-aged couple from Yamaguchi Prefecture ask if you're going to the Kyushu National Museum, and when you say that you are they suggest that you share their $20 taxi ride (in exchange for nothing but your apparently charming company) out of the goodness of their hearts.

2) You stumble across an amateur sumo competition on the grounds of the Tenman Shrine and determine that the right to wear nothing but a loincloth is extremely enviable.

3) You try plum soft serve ice cream for the first time and consider it one of the single best things to ever happen to your taste buds.
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Those New City buses sure can be convenient when they want to be. I got from school to home to school in 30 minutes today after a minor crisis sent me back to the house for supplies.

I lost my student ID and had to have it replaced. Again. From now on I'm not taking it out of the wallet unless I'm asked to.


The PhD committee meeting has been held for the year, and it generated a) some really good feedback and b) something resembling a plan of action.

Some of my committee members had an extremely negative reaction to a proposed avenue of research, so it's back to the drawing board. But at least I found out early.


I still know quite a lot about Japanese ghosts and monsters and can talk about them pretty much off the cuff for the better part of 45 minutes with almost no prompting.

I don't know nearly as much about John Williams as I'd like, nor will I as the John Williams concert was cancelled due to Williams having injured his back. Sadness.


Foucault is starting to make more sense as he gets farther and farther away from attempts at historical context.

Foucault still phrases things in ways that make me want to choke his punk ass out.
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1) Crock pots.
2) Neighbors who bring Ruben sandwiches to apologize for missing a party.
3) Peter Lorre's performance in Fritz Lang's M. (I always knew Lorre was good, but my god I never knew how good. I'll be mulling over his portrayal of a tormented serial killer for days to come, methinks.)
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1) I've discovered that I don't need to stress out about students who give me bullshit excuses for things. Even when I go ahead and give them that second chance, they fuck it up anyway because that's who they are right now.
2) Next time, when it comes to slide IDs, I'm going to keep it just a little bit simpler.
3) It's amazing how quickly something that's a little flattering can become upsetting and creepy. No kind politeness from here on out - it's just too much of a gamble.
4) Still not sure if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks; but it's early days and everyone agrees that I have had the most improbable semester.
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  1. Naps are good things.
  2. If you leave a plate of chicken stir-fry on the ground for a minute while you get up to get some water, the cat will make a play for it.
  3. "Cobrastyle" by Robyn is one of the best booty-groovin' songs in the history of booty-groovin' songs.
  4. If you haven't heard anything, it always pays to ask.
An overdue email to IUC finally confirmed that I have been accepted to their year-long intensive language program in Yokohama, and that they had emailed me a notafication of that fact three weeks ago.  The New City U email servers really are teh suck, but at least now I can start planning for my upcoming year abroad.  Yay!  I am officially spending '09-'10 in Japan.  Officially.  Yay!
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  • As funny when I'm sober as it is when I'm drunk.
  • Without question, one of the worst movies ever made.
  • A party favorite; the film itself has no intrinsic value, but the act of watching it with friends (MST3K-style) is seriously good for the soul, and I would do it again.
More specifically:
  • Jasper's hair is going to kill someone if it doesn't get laid soon.
  • Bella Swan's dad still reminds me of my dad, and I like him for that reason.  He's pretty much the only character in the story that even vaguely approaches an honest portrayal of an actual human being.
  • What the hell was up with that wolf-natives vs. vampire-ancestors flashback?  There were like three different centuries worth of fashion going on there (jodhpurs, people... jodhpurs); and the natives were wearing painted wolf caps, yo.  I mean, seriously.  Sepia does not automatically make everything okay.
  • Romantic conversation can only happen in a tree.  Logistics; schmogistics.
  • Cinematography = good; dialogue = bad.  Delivery of said dialogue = super bad.  (Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.)
  • Forks, WA is a real place... who knew?

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  • Me dancing around in my living room at midnight, in my jammies, with 雅-miyavi- blaring on the iPod.
  • Productivity.
  • Album releases by my favorite visual kei artists.  (New Kagrra, drops in April!  YAY!  Now hurry up Gakkuchan!!  I want that album.  Oh, and while you're at it, save some of the touring for when I get back to Nippon, hey?)
  • Brownies.
  • Weekends.
  • These feelings of contentment and security.
  • Blogging.
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  • While watching the academy awards this past weekend I had an interesting revelation. Though I had not seen a single film nominated for best picture, I had seem almost every one of the flicks that formed part of the action montage. Somehow, I was more surprised by this fact that I (in all likelihood) should have been. If I'm honest with myself, action and horror are my two favorite genres. It's not that I never enjoy movies of "quality," it's just that I really, really, really love to watch people getting kicked in the head. [shrug]
  • This week, for the first time in my graduate student career, I was so sick that I had to take a day off to stay at home and avoid (I don't know... death... making myself more ill...) whatever.  Chest colds are teh suck.  Seriously.  I took Tuesday off and confined myself to the bed the whole day, dozing off and on, medicated within an inch of respectibility, etc., and on Wednesday I was still so wracked that I had to leave lecture a couple of times to cough in the privacy of the hallway.  Still, I usually only get a bad sickness like this once every several years, so I figure it was just my turn.  (That and the fact that I recently remarked on how I hadn't really been very sick since moving to New City.  Take it from Teva, don't never ever issue a verbal challenge like that to the universe.  The universe will make you bend over.  Ummhm.)
  • Dude, I like bullet points.
  • Spring break is drawing near, and I'm really looking forward to the chance to kick back and get my study on.  I swear, with the week-to-week grind of regular class activities, teaching, and Grad Expo, I haven't once managed to scrape together the time to work on the big paper I'm writing for my Heian/Kamakura painting course.  And I've promised an abstract and bibliography in just a little under three weeks (right around the same time that Grad Expo happens... hee hee!).  I have got to get a move on, and I need to look fabulous as I do.  [sigh]  It never ends.  ;>
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Power was most definitely not on last night, and--naturally--not on this morning. As far as I can tell, absolutely no effort was made yesterday to do anything. I do realize that there were a number of tree branches requiring collection, but me, my cross-the-street neighbors, and the dialysis clinic over yonder would really love to have power back sometime before next week.

(Side note: not holding my breath here.)

Fortunately, the amazingly kick-ass [ profile] foxxydancr came over last night to collect my spoilables and take them to her house so that they would not all be lost. She also offered me crash space for the weekend in the event that power was not restored.

Things I have discovered recently:
  • cool water actually feels warm on your body when said body is freezing. Although, all things considered, cool showers are not my favorite things in a winter world.
  • the house gets a whole lot spookier when you can't just flip on a light to chase the bogeys away. (No wonder pre-industrial societies were so credible; they couldn't just check to make sure that shadow was actually a shadow.)
  • the alarm on my cellphone sounds even if I've turned the thing off to save power. Who knew?
  • my computer will last for three hours on a fully charged battery. Amazing, I can actually bust my hump and get work done in that amount of time. But I can't get work done and watch entire movies afterward. ...damn responsibility. [pout]
  • doing Japanese translation by candlelight is kind of lame.

I think I might be taking fd up on her offer. (House party!) ;>
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* I've kinda of forgotten the best, most efficient way to take an in-class essay test. I need to take some of the advice I doled out to my own students the other day when it comes time to take the next test. (Of course, I'm saying this as the proud owner of a totally respectable 94, but I can't help feeling that I ought to be able to get a 100... next time, yo.)
* I have crossed over into total fangirl mode when it comes to Tak Sakaguchi. I know this because I got up at 7am last Sunday morning in order to watch a two-minute clip of him in a Japanese drama that was airing. I viewed it on my computer via a totally slick program that allows you to stream Japanese TV in real time. (We're not even going to talk about how I later downloaded, cropped, subtitled, and posted said clip to youtube. Not at all. [blush])
* I cannot function without a list. I tried this experiment where I didn't type and upload a weekly to-do list to my lj, which I invariably do every week. My resultant productivity was non-existent. Consquently, I'll be uploading a weekly list tonight and will continue to implement the practice until such time as I no longer need the added guidance. (Which undoubtedly means some time after never. It's just how I roll.)
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Super Sick Visuals Behind the Cut )

And (no visuals, but still very damn cool):
The news that the Japanese have recently discovered a huge cache of mokkan (wooden tablets), numbering in the tens of thousands, in the ruins of the Heijô Palace. Heijôkyô, located roughly in the area of present-day Nara, was the capital of Japan from 710 to 740, and again from ca. 744 to 784. Previous finds of mokkan have served as valuable sources of documentation that have helped researchers in such pursuits as the reconstructing of the casting process for the Great Buddha at Tôdaiji. There's no telling what these tablets will reveal.
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* to be able to adjust my iPod without having to take my hands out of my gloves. It's really annoying that the touch pad just will not respond to gloved fingers.
* for this to hurry up and appear on crunchroll so I can watch it. With the semester almost over, and my thesis very nearly there (even my adviser said so), I'm going to need a good zombie movie with which to detox.

Anyone know any good zombie Christmas movies?
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* this semester to be over.
* snowfall to occur only at night or while I am indoors for something.
* to find a copy of the web series Koi wa jikka ja umarenai in downloadable format. (Watching Tak Sakaguchi in a romantic dramedy would have to be good for a chuckle or two-thousand.)
* my seminar paper to write itself... yeah right.
* a Red Ryder B.B. gun.
* to one day have a chance to appear on Hexagon II: Quiz Parade. I could fully rock the socks off that relay quiz segment.
* to see long-absent loved ones again.

EDIT: And a pony.
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* an evening of beautiful music (Benjamin Britten's Symphonia de Requiem paired with Brahms' German Requiem--the latter featuring a full choral complement).
* confirmation by a trusted outside source that Meitantei Ikkaichi Hajime (Super Detective) is actually seriously funny. (I was beginning to wonder if I'd turned too Japanese, or something.)
* non-stop cat antics.
* profound debates on the subject of this nation's potential future under the leadership of president-elect Barack Obama.
* witnessing Kamiji Yuusuke do one of the silliest things ever. In the history of Hexagon. Ever.
* a second draft of my master's thesis.
* a new wallet, scarf, umbrella, and laser pointer.
* aged-cheddar-&-bacon stuffed steak. Yummmmmmm.
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* For some reason, my idea of a relaxing break from schoolwork is to translate the lyrics of Japanese songs. Go figure.
* After long prodding from me, [ profile] alateaqoe has finally started blogging with regularity, and her blog is awesome (if sometimes unsettling). I encourage everyone to check it out!
* My cat's sense of entitlement has really become insufferable.
* I just don't see how I am going to get everything that needs doing, this term and next, done. I refuse to panic, however, because then they really won't get done.
* It snowed today... God. Damnit. But at least the boiler is working again.
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...when your wallet is stolen.

* call your bank and have them put a stop on all check and card purchases.
* fill out a charge dispute form for an illegal purchase on your check card.
* contact the bank's fraud division and have them flag your account.
* cancel all credit cards and request new account numbers and cards.
* file a police report.
* file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
* contact the credit reporting agencies.
* put a 90-day fraud alert on your credit file.
* change over all direct deposits and automatic payments to new accounts.
* order new checks.
* get new IDs and library cards.
* cry from frustration.


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* I have determined that there are four essentials in life: air, water, sustenance, and music. Pretty much anything else I could get along without, if I absolutely had to.
* The first symphony concert of the year was wonderful, although I have to say that if Shostakovich's tenth is a "perfect horror film of a symphony" as I once proclaimed, the eighth is a documentary of atrocity. It was brilliantly composed and masterfully played, and while I listened to it I felt a seething roil of emotions: anger, despair, loathing, and on, and on, as I exerted a herculean force to still the squirming that threatened to burst to the surface every moment that passed. I appreciated the symphony, but I hated it.
* Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paginini for Piano and Orchestra was magic, and the encore--Prelude in G--was heartwrenchingly exquisite. Hopefully, I will now stop being dead to the folks who lambasted me for hating the first piano concerto.
* Princess Lily (Mia Sara) should not sing. It largely because she should not sing that the director's cut of Legend, which does have its interesting moments, falls way, way short of the lyrical excellence of the original theatrical release. Jerry Goldsmith's original score is another core reason for the failure.


Sep. 14th, 2008 04:13 pm
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* I've noticed something: cable television is great for insomnia. When you can't get to sleep, you might as well catch a showing of Tron.
* No matter how hard I try, I just cannot read all of my assigned Silk Road seminar readings in one shot. They have to be broken up, for my sanity's sake if for no other reason. It's not that I don't find the material fascinating. It's just that there's only so much a brain can take in a single sitting.
* The Big Pour event that I attended this weekend was a blast, but I've decided that I need to lay off the sauce for a bit. That was a whole lot of beer, and I'm not really a spring chicken anymore. That said, however, what a time. My friends totally rock!

Photo ©[ profile] foxxydancr
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Because the semester at my school begins fantastically early--the week before Labor Day, in fact--I had to leave Tokyo in plenty of time to take care of general life business before the standard grind began again.

Here's some of the things I'm subsequently missing, or have already missed, as a result of this painful--yet inevitable--separation:

* Eunja, Rigusuru, and all of my new and old friends at KCP and around the Kanto plain.
* 雅-miyavi- played two shows in Tokyo on August 16th and 17th, just days after I hopped a plane to California.
* Gackt will once again portray Uesugi Kenshin at the 83rd annual Kenshin festival, on August 23/24th, in Niigata. I took a picture of the poster advertisement in the metro before I left, but there is still no live Gackt for me. [sigh]
* Gackt and Kagrra, are both releasing new albums/singles at the end of the year and most likely touring as well. Dammit.

Oh, yeah... and:
* A monkey. Yeah, apparently, a macaque found its way into the Tokyu Toyoku line's Shibuya station the other day. (I'd like to note that this was a line that I rode quite regularly this past summer and a station that I exited and entered frequently as well... I could have been a contender, yo.) The monkey evaded capture by the authorities--and commuters--and has been since spotted in the nearby Harajuku and Omotesando areas. It has even been blamed for the theft of eggplant and tomatoes from a residential garden.

Here's the Pink Tentacle follow up: 'Operation Capture Monkey' in Harajuku.
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* Drinking an icy-cold beer while watching a tumultuous thunderstorm tear across the Tokyo night sky from your dorm room patio.
* Finally cracking that glass ceiling, after weeks of near-misses, and returning a major kanji test with a perfect score on it. (Undoubtedly a blue-moon event, but at least I managed it once.)
* Buying a CD sound-unheard on the recommendation of a friend and finding that you absolutely love it.
* Discovering yet another side-splittingly hilarious metro advisory poster.
* Going out for drinks with your classmates and teachers and talking about WWE wrestling with Korean boys who can hardly believe that you know who Rey Mysterio is.
* Rekindling a friendship with someone you knew at school last year after a running into one another in a completely random fashion.

* Uploading more photos: Mitama Matsuri at the Yasukuni Shrine and Tochigi-ken.

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