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"And in the death,
as the last few corpses
lay rotting on the slimy thoroughfare,
the shutters lifted an inch in Temperance Building
high on Poacher's Hill,
and red, mutant eyes gazed down on Hunger City.
No more big wheels.

Fleas the size of rats
sucked on rats the size of cats,
and ten-thousand peoploids split into small tribes,
like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love-Me Avenue.
Ripping and rewraping mink and shiny silver fox,
now legwarmers.
Family badge of sapphire and cracked emerald
--any day now.

The year of the Diamond Dogs.

This ain't rock 'n' roll;
this is genocide."

~ David Bowie
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Sensed but unheard,
as the curtain softly stirs.
It is not just a memory.
But it lives and breathes:
watching over you
whilst you sleep.

Kneeling beside you when you weep.

don’t be afraid.
Don’t try to run away.
Because pain
can be your friend
as it explains...

The answers
to your questions;
consoles you
in blue reflections;
listens to
your soul’s confessions;
and leads you
in new directions.

So open your heart again
and feel the walls dissolve.
Something’s whispering to you:
"It’s time to let go."
Because the only thing that stays the same
is that everything must change.

Everything must change.

embrace your pain.
You cannot run away.
And pain
can be your friend
as it explains...

The answers
to your questions;
consoles you
in blue reflections;
listens to
your soul’s confessions;
and leads you
in new directions.

And all the while
that you were waiting
for love
to keep
the light
from waning--

It’s pain
that stops the heart
from hating;
that cures the mind
of hesitating;
that helps the soul
in separating
from everything

that it’s been blaming.


"Phantom Walls," The The
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Well, these days
I'm spread so thin it's like
I'm getting carried up by the wind.
Every time you get high
you might see me
floating by.

Well so long old bean, it's been a dream
with you.
I couldn't tell us apart.
Oh, and I know
neither could you

Don't tread on me
when you float downstream on a moonbeam.

So long...
...old bean.
So long...
...old bean.

Here comes
the Mapinguari singing.
Awww, when's there gonna be an end
to wondering when
all of our troubles are gonna end?

'Cause we've had our fill
of finding our empty pockets
emptier still,
and there probably won't
be an end
to that my friends.

And now that my tralala's
are dating
little sips of the Hollywood bowl
they mute up my mind.
How kind of them
to mellow mellow mellow my soul.

Well, they're the gambling kind
as smooth as
a tuba' ass on the dole.
Money never beats soul.

Don't forget me
when you float downstream on a moonbeam.

So long...
...old bean.
So long...
...old bean.

little firefly
landing on

Devendra Banhart, "So Long Old Bean."

...thank you, Yokohama.
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Apparently, a programmer disappointed with's supposed habitual lack of substance in their online news reporting has created a website, WTF CNN?, that simultaneously compares the current CNN webpage with such sites as Al Jazeera English, the BBC, France 24, NPR, China Daily, and a slew of others.

Now, I can't say much about the "suckage" of CNN's online site as I pretty much never view it (or any other online sites for television news stations, for that matter... I'm a newspaper girl), but WTF CNN? does offer a fascinating opportunity to get a sense of what's being emphasized as newsworthy by a variety of sites around the world in one handy little url. It also offers quick access to sites that give a glimpse of the world's view of the US.

That's not too shabby in my book.

In the oft-quoted poem To a Louse, poet Robert Burns notes:
"O would some Power the gift to give us
To see ourselves as others see us!
It would from many a blunder free us,
And foolish notion:
What airs in dress and gait would leave us,
And even devotion!"

While I've never been certain that I really believed Burns was sincere in that desire (like Phillipa Gordon, I'm sure it would be extremely uncomfortable to have a real sense of what other people actually thought of me), there is something in the notion.

That, if for no other reason, makes the site eminently interesting.

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Courtesy of Shinsengumi, a Japanese boy band currently associated with Hexagon II Quiz Parade and apparently not in possession of a native English speaker...

"These 5 didn't know what would GO ON.
Everybody screwed up of fear
Nobody known about the pass
Just to try up to the each to the other to the wide
First turn TV proud of saying 'It's Me!!'
Never thought of mind
Continue to the 3 dad what did you done??
But thaxx for the chance
So 4 to the 5, too light, too slight
We don't have any big shot to the spot
Always, supported a greatx2 people
What did we do?
Are we looking a dream?
But this Lien actually the bottom line
So we gonna run and step to the brightly shiny door..."

No really; those are the lyrics.

I love Japan. =)
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Wandering the aisles of consumerism today with Eunja, I stumbled across an absolutely delightful bit of advertising (for a boot stand, of all things). It's not a traditional haiku by any stretch of the imagination, but I rather like it nonetheless. Formatting is mine; text is some unknown Samaritan's...

Tiara and butterfly's
mysterious and beautiful externals
looks like woman's beauty.

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"So I'm back
to the velvet
Back to the floor
that I love.

To a room
with some lace and paper flowers.

Back to the gypsy
that I was:
to the gypsy
that I was."

~ Stevie Nicks
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Tsubasa wo hiroge sora he habataite
Yakareru mae ni taiyou ni nare
Kaze wo fuke… sora he michibiite
Kimi no subete wo ubawareru mae ni

Kousa wo abite sora he maiagare
Tsuyoku kagayaku taiyou ni nare
Kaze ni nore… ryoute wo hirogete
Kimi no tsubete wo kowasareru mae ni

Spread your wings and fly to the sky;
become the sun before you are burned.
Wind, blow away… show the way to the sky
before you are completely snatched away.

Bathe in yellow sands and soar into the sky;
become the strongly shining sun.
Ride the winds… reach out your hands
before you are broken entirely.

~ Gackt, Oasis.
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When Sam Goes Back in Memory
In the driving rain
I held you until night slowly became dawn.
Gather everything you need;
if you like, I will stretch out this filthy hand of mine as far as you want.

I'd like to laugh at what you said, but I just can't find a smile.
I'm sorry; let me rest a little longer with your name.
It doesn't hurt me.
Wipe it up; you're capable.

Racey days help me through the hopeless haze.
Oh! Embraced by the wind...
...well, hey, do you do judo when they surround you?
I used to rule the world.

Irreplaceable... you.
Well, stop, great God, stop still.
I am a roving garbage man
in a cafe just a little down the stairs.

It's just a little old-fashioned karma going 'round
inside a broken clock.
We're off the rails;
you are a splendid butterfly.
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I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing,
and Roman calvary choirs are singing.
Be my mirror, my sword, and shield;
my missionaries in a foreign field.
For some reason I can't explain
I know Saint Peter won't call my name.
...never an honest word;
but that was when I ruled the world.

~ Coldplay
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"So, hey, do you do judo
in your finery?
An angel's face is tricky to wear

Thunder wishes
it could be the snow;
wishes it could be as loud
as she
can be.
These gifts are here
for her, for you,
for me..."

~ Tori Amos
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" I'm not really bitter.
You know I'm just a little chilled.
They say that things can just get better,
and they probably will.

And they will only make us stronger
if they should try to keep us still.
And we could rise and take it all
someday we probably will..."

Concrete Blonde, "Probably Will"

With hope for tomorrow.
(Vote Obama!)
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They'll call it chance, or luck, or call it Fate--
The cards and stars that tumble as they will.
Tomorrow manifests and brings the bill
For every kiss and kill, the small and great.
You want to know the future, love? Then wait:
I'll answer your impatient questions. Still--
They'll call it chance, or luck, or call it Fate,
The cards and stars that tumble as they will.

~ from "Reading the Entrails: A Rondel," by Neil Gaiman.

...just because.
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Ame ame fure fure kaasan ga
jyanome de omukae… konakata
Osanai atashi no kokoro wa harou chuui
doujyou suru nara kasa wo kure

Kyou mo ame… asu mo ame…

Ame ni utaeba, sora ni utaeba,
kono mune no naka no kumo mo itsuno hi ka hareru kana
Ame no hi blues kaze no hi blues
utaitsuzuketa nara ame agari no niji wo mieru kana…

The rain the rain was pouring pouring, and mother
didn’t come to meet me with an umbrella.
My childish heart is in danger of a surge;
if you pity me, let me have an umbrella.

Today it’s raining… tomorrow it’ll be raining…

If I sing to the rain, if I sing to the sky
might not the clouds in my heart one day turn to sun?
Rainy day blues windy day blues;
if I keep on singing, might I not see a rainbow after the rains have stopped?

雅-miyavi-, Ame ni utaeba (If I sing to the rain…)
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Boku no ude no naka de
kieta kimi no kioku dake ga mitsukaranai
Kimi no kakera subete hiroiatsume
boku wa doku e yukeba ii no

Deep within,
it is only memories of you, vanished, that I do not find--
where should I go
to gather up all the fragments of you?
~ Gackt, seven.

Needless to say, I'm having trouble concentrating right now; in spite of the fact that the worst has yet to come.

EDIT: The worst has come. The doctors can do nothing more for my uncle. He has decided he wants to die at home. Less than six months ago he came to my going away party and told me to show them what for in grad school. And we had no idea.

Sometimes things happen and you think there's nothing more the world could do to you, but there's always something more. The world doesn't love any of us, but supposedly it doesn't hate us either. Periodically, I have trouble remembering that.


Dec. 1st, 2007 04:26 am
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"Every passing hour brings the solar system forty-three thousand miles closer to Globular Cluster M13 in Hercules--and still there are some misfits who insist that there is no such thing as progress."

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

I now have a fairly respectable Methods seminar paper, and on that note I'm going to bed.
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...I don't care that he's goofy; and I don't care that he's probably had massive plastic surgery and therefore we should all hate him. I totally, completely, absolutely love Gackt. The man is a poet.

"Sakendeiru anata no koe ga togireru
Yurusarenai watashi no tsumi wa tsuzuku
Anata no mune wo, anata no ude wo, anata no koe wo... subete wo
Itoshii hodo ni kuruoshii hodo ni aishisugita anata wo daite
Nandomo kowashitsuzuketa...
Your crying voice is interrupted,
and my unforgiven sins continue.
Your heart, your arms, your voice... everything;
I held you - too beloved, too maddening, too precious -
and over and over again I was broken...

"Furuenagara saigo no koe wo keshite
Yurusarenai futari no tsumi wo nakinagara
Hakanai yume wa, kanashii yume wa, setsunai yume wa owari wo tsuge
Yasashii yume ni, itoshii yume ni, ano hi no mama ni,
Ano koro no you ni...
Trembling, I shut out that last voice.
And while I weep for our unforgiven sins
this painful, sorrowful, fleeting dream announces its end.
Into kind dreams, into lovely dreams; into a day like that one
into a time like that one...

~ Doomsday
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Fourteen weeks I stayed away from home,
a hundred days a part of me unknown,
apart in pink and perfect moments play.
And as a wonder of the world
she sucks my breath away

I asked her for some time, and she just made me it.
I asked her maybe why? and she just gave me it.
So I asked her could be heaven? and she just prayed me it.

She didn't want to know my name;
she didn't want to know how long we had together -
spending time as if tomorrow never comes.
I didn't want to know the end;
I didn't want to go but slowly found me home again,
and so again tomorrow comes.

But it was all so far away;
so long ago.
I hardly ever think about her anymore.
Except sometimes when the summer twilight breeze
carries me the scent of faraway rain,
I remember...
and she still sucks my breath away.

~ The Cure, "A Pink Dream"

Two poems.

May. 30th, 2007 03:15 am
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The class composed five-line poems today in preparation for a school-wide competition taking place next week. My two poems (on the subjects of sukina mono "things I like" and nihongo "Japanese," respectively) are as follows.

Taiyo no shita de asobu
tori no nakigoe o kikinagara
tsumetai mizu ni hai'te oyogu
kireina hana mo aru
kawa e ikou

Frolicking under the sun.
While the listening to the birdsong
swim in the cold water.
And also the beautiful flowers -
let's go to the river.

nihongo o benkyou shite iru ga
doraemon o

I am studying Japanese.
And yet
still I do not know

The doraemon poem, coming on the heels of the to do about my not knowing doraemon, was a real hit with everyone. Ujige-sensei complimented me on my poetic sensibilities and strongly encouraged me to enter the contest, which was a nice ego boost.
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Dark and lonely on a summer's night.
Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.
Watchdog barking; do he bite?
Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.
Slip in his window, break his neck;
then his house I start to wreck.
Got no reason. What the heck?
Kill my landlord. Kill my landlord.
C-I-L-L my landlord!

"Images," Tyrone Greene (as performed by Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live)

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