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Fish lovers beware! Illegal fishing and poor regulation mean that that red snapper you think you're eating might actually be rockfish (and that's not all).

Ezra Klein had some questions for Paul Ryan, and Paul Ryan actually responded. Kinda. (Krugman wasn't impressed.)

Lest we forget that sexism swings both ways, AlterNet brings us five stupid, unfair, and sexist things that are expected of men.

Making fun of Sarah Palin never seems to get old. It also never seems to fail to make me sad somehow.

Looking at pictures of awesome people hanging out is cool apparently. I'm actually not sure what I think of it, although I'm tempted to find it silly and strangely uninteresting. Besides not all of the cool people who are hanging out seem that happy to have had their special moment captured in celluloid, so that brings up the ugly specter of the drawbacks of celebrity culture.

From Feministing: "Make no mistake, while there are plenty of well meaning people who call themselves pro-life, there’s nothing "pro-life" about the radical anti-choice movement. This movement repeatedly incites violence against providers. They are waging a war against those who try to peacefully offer legal, vital medical care." 'Nuff said.

TV on the Radio on World Cafe! (Also 'nuff said, but in a good way this time.)

The brilliant and inspiring Shirin Neshat gives a TED talk about the power and responsibility of producing art in exile. Be sure to check it!
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The blackboard in this classroom has the question What is Bacon Arguing For? written on it. I realize that whoever wrote it is talking about Francis Bacon, but it's still indefinably hilarious.

I wish my name was Bacon.
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I have this tendency (which is a holdover from life in Japan) to veer to the left when going down or up public staircases, and I have observed that this tendency does not make the other students in the stairwells of the CoL very happy.

My cat likes Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips very much. I don't know why this should surprise me, but it does.


Sep. 1st, 2010 11:01 pm
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Why are headphones so remarkably susceptible to entropy?
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I am sick of the random chaotic events that are associated with the ongoing T-Square formation in the heavens.

That is all.
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Jean Dubuffet would be so proud...

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