sechan19: (lin fengmian) videos of all time. (Because I've recently decided that So You Think You Can Dance is the greatest thing since sliced bread.) In chronological order (click the links to watch):

"Smooth Criminal," Michael Jackson, 1988.
"Cold Hearted," Paula Abdul, 1989.
"It's Oh So Quiet," Björk, 1995.
"Around the World," Daft Punk, 1997.
"Paralyzer," Finger Eleven, 2007.

"Smooth Criminal" is - without a doubt - the greatest music video that Michael Jackson ever made. Consequently, it is also the greatest dance video ever made. Say what you will about Jackson (and I've probably already beaten you to it), but no one else before or since has ever made videos like he did, with an eye to theatricality, storytelling, and expression that is simply unparalleled. "Cold Hearted" is unquestionably badass - in terms of both technicality and creativity. It also wins points for having the balls to point out, and poke fun at, America's ridiculous (and sadly ongoing) lack of comfort with plain old human sexuality. "It's Oh So Quiet," of all the videos on this list, is the one that could conceivably be called "not a dance video," but I include it for its joyous originality in using the human body and its myriad potential movements to sketch a series of shifting moods and sculpt a sense of the romantic. "Around the World" is, to this day, unbeaten in its visual impact. It's brilliant. 'Nuff said. "Paralyzer" does two incredible things: it employs the best ever use of summon backup dancers in a music video and it demonstrates the continuing relevance of dance as a both visual and dramatic art form, telling a concise and compelling story with nothing but fingers, arms, legs, feet, and hips.
sechan19: (lin fengmian)
...rules of life.

1) Appearances can be deceiving.
2) Discretion is the better part of valor.
3) The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
4) Other men's crosses are not your crosses.
5) Read the directions first.

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