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This is the coolest program ever. It's freeware that allows the user to make and practice their own flashcards on the computer. You can organize different sets and keep track of your personal record, and (particularly important for me) if you have Asian scripts enabled on your computer you can even type up words in Japanese with no read errors.

I'd received a kanji flashcard software program from the Center, but was feeling a little at a loss as to what to do about the massive amounts of vocabulary words I'm being given. I really did not want to make up a bunch of (time-consuming and environment unfriendly) paper cards. This will solve my problem beautifully.

I totally love the Internet. The Internet and modern plumbing are what enable the 20th/21st century to totally trump all other periods in history. I'm mean, sure, the feudal era would be interesting to tour, but at the end of the day I'd want a bath and a YouTube clip. ;>

Anyway, anyone who needs to drill vocabulary should really take advantage of this software program. CueCard. It's virus-free, cost-free, and super user-friendly. Thumbs up.
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I take minutes at the weekly staff meeting for my department. This week they had a visitor from one of the facilities where they place mentally ill children who are too much of a danger or a disruption to remain in their own home. Over the course of this meeting one of the CMs asked the presenter if he had any statistics on college attendance for program graduates. He said that he didn't but that it was probably low. He then went on to point out that "things being what they are right now" a lot of their graduates get tapped by the military for active duty in the service - once they've gotten the psychotropic drugs out of their system, that is. I guess the current situation has led the powers that be to take an interest in institutionalized children for possible recruitment in future endeavors. "Canon fodder" as one coworker sardonically commented upon hearing this.


In somewhat better news, Turkey's desperation to join the European Union appears to be having unexpected benefits for its female population. I'll be watching this situation for developments. If things actually improve I might just go back on speaking terms with god.

Turkey Works to Stop 'Honor' Killings (LA Times)

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