Oct. 2nd, 2013

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I'm currently in the throes of house-hunting with my future roommate, K. Or, well, sort of. As it stands right now, we've hunted the house and are now waiting on documents. At least, I am. I'm pretty sure that K. has everything sewn up at this point. I've currently got two out of four required items, and I hope to have all of them by week's end. Fingers crossed for that.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to me during this process was the cultural prejudices that revealed themselves. Everybody knows that it can be hard to find a house as a foreigner. Many landlords won't even consider a foreign renter; no ifs, ands, or buts. However, what we didn't realize is that many landlords are also leery of renting to a pair of girls who are not related to one another. The reasoning being that girls fight over petty things, and two girls living together might get into a fight over something petty and suddenly not want to live together anymore. Furthermore, they're less likely to be able to manage their finances well.

The fact that K. and I have prestigious scholarships to study at Japanese universities seems to have gone a little ways towards ameliorating this fear. (And I also have the impression that the fact that we are not from the same country also helped somehow. Much was made of the fact that I'm American and K. is British. Two American girls would probably have been verboten...) Nevertheless, we were still asked to provide proof that our families would support us if we got into financial difficulties here, in addition to the standard request for a Japanese guarantor.

Now, I planned for a lot of hoop-jumping in my Japanese apartment search, but I have to admit that I never imagined I'd need to prove that my parents love me. Good thing they actually do, huh?

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