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It's warm and sunny today, and it seems as if it will be warm and sunny again tomorrow. So that's something to be thankful for, and I am.

In other news, I completed two abstract submissions recently and now wait to hear back about them. But I'm at that stage in my professional career where I'm torn between wanting to be accepted and have the experience and wanting to be passed over since the idea of being accepted is so intimidating. At least I can fall back on that old idea of what is to be will be. I guess. Anyway, more to come...

Moving on. There are now fifteen students enrolled in my summer course on Intro to Asian Art, so there's no question that I'll be teaching in June and July. I pretty much feel the same way about teaching a stand-alone course as I do about being accepted to conferences. Go figure.

And finally, with the semester nearly over I hope to start blogging a bit more. (I know, I know... I always say that.) I'd particularly like to do a post on one of my favorite things about Chinese grammar, because I'm tired of giving the impression that I don't like the Chinese language. The truth is that I really kind of love it. I just can't stand the way it's taught at New City University. [shrug]

And now, off to deal with mundane issues.

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