A Good Day

Oct. 14th, 2013 04:27 am
sechan19: (butterfly)
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So it looks like the apartment is definitely happening. K. and I go into the realtor's office on Wednesday to sign the contracts and then we'll be able to pick up the keys and relevant paperwork (this is the day for burnable trash pickup, this is the day for non-burnable trash pickup, this is the day for recycling pickup, etc.) on Friday and move in on Saturday. Needless to say, K. and I are super excited.

We met up this afternoon in Takadanobaba, which is a neighborhood adjacent to our neighborhood, and wandered around seeing the important sights (100-yen shop, Don Quijote store, best ramen in Takadanobaba, super shady Curry joint, awesome little hippie outfitter, and so on) and considering what our first steps should be after M-Day. We walked the streets around our apartment, which is so awesomely situated it's almost unreal. There's a well-stocked and extremely reasonably-priced supermarket, a 24-hour convenience store, an extensive drug store, a cheap hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, and a Parisian-style bakery all within a stone's throw. And apparently, there's what appears to be a decently outfitted liquor store nearby as well. Makes me almost feel like the universe knew I was coming and planned accordingly.

The apartment is also conveniently close to the hub of Waseda University's college town, but it's in an area of the ward that's located across the Kanda River (which is more like a stream) from the more boisterous areas. The result is that though a lively central hub is within an easy walking distance, the place where our apartment is feels like a little slice of quiet, small-town domesticity. It's really, really perfect, and I can't wait to get moved in—even though I know a collection of horrible experiences await me once moving begins. I will have to transport my things from where I'm staying in Chiba into Tokyo (most likely on the subway, which won't be pleasant), and I will have to jump through whatever bureaucratic hoops the Japanese government has lined up for me to change my residence and get my insurance and banking information switched over accordingly.

But I'm happy now, and I went on a delightful little shopping spree today in honor of the happiness. With K.'s encouragement I bought a hanko (a name stamp that is substituted for a signature on most official documents), a case to hold the hanko and a little ink pad, a sleek little pen case, a knitted winter cap with a bear face on it (no, really!), and a box of giant lightsaber pocky sticks (no, REALLY!). Shit just got real, y'all.

More to come.
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